Destroying Hard Drives

Think twice before discarding your hard drive. If you formatted your hard drive and think all data on it has been erased then you are wrong. Formatting a memory disc does not erase all data permanently. While it is not easy to recover erased data, there are many techniques that can be used to recover data from a formatted hard drive. In fact, simple free software available on Internet can be used to recover data from such hard drives. Complete and thorough hard drive destruction is needed if you want to completely eliminate the risk of anyone being able to recover data from your hard drive.

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Use Software

There are programs to completely erase data from your hard drive. A few of these programs are available for free but if you are looking for a reliable program then be ready to pay for it. Choose a program that meets high standard of hdd destruction for governments defence department. Some programmes write binary data multiple times on the disc's magnetic surface. This way, older data in the hidden sectors are erased permanently. However, this process cannot be done manually. Some of these programmes are complex and require certain level of knowledge and expertise. There is also a chance that even when you know how to operate the software, you may make the mistake somewhere and the software does not run properly.

Physically Destroying the Hard Drive

This is the best way to ensure your hard drive is completely rendered unreadable. Simply take out the hard drive from the system, remove the magnetic disk from the hard drive, and use a hammer to destroy it to smithereens. Before doing so, you can take the magnetic disc near to a powerful magnet which will damage all data on it. One problem with this option is that it requires a certain level of DIY skill. You must wear proper safety gear and be careful while destroying the hard disc. Some people like this idea but are uncomfortable doing it themselves. For them, there are companies that are ready to do the job professionally for a fee.

Hand over the Job to a Professional Hard Disc Destruction Company

It is a good option for people, business owners and organisations that want their hard drives destroyed properly, permanently and professionally. The hard disc destruction company offers door step collection service. They will collect hard drive from you and take it to their lab where it will be destroyed properly.

It is highly advisable to copy all important files, passwords and contents to a safe and secure place before formatting, erasing or destroying hard drive. Once data has been erased permanently or the drive itself has been physically destroyed then there is no way to recover any type of data. If you try to do hard drive physical destruction yourself then use proper tools and wear safety gears to avoid injury. By completely erasing data from your hard drive, you are assured that no one will be able to recover important files, documents and sensitive data from it.